Sundanese Punch ‘n’ Judy

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Aaron, one of the Assistant Principles at Raffles, and his wife accompanied me and my fellow EPGY instructors to Bandung, a small city about four hours outside of Jakarta.  We came to get out of Jakarta, to do some shopping, and see what else there was to see of Indonesia in the time we had.  Half way there the bus we were in–our driver’s name is Eddy–stopped at a rest-area that could have been in the US–gas station, Dunkin’ Donuts, various Stop ‘n’ Shop-type places–except for the giant mosque next to the gas station.  Once we made it to Bandung, and after we found the apartment we are staying at–not an easy task–we ate some traditional Sundanese (the local ethnicity) food; went to a cultural show called Saung Angklung Udjo which featured a Sundanese instrument called the Angklung and which staged a puppet show of Hindu gods-puppets beating the shit out of each other (see Subject line); and finally hit a fancy restaurant called The Peak, which as you might expect is located on the peak of a hill.  All told, this has been my favorite day in Indonesia.  It took me a while to get over my initial culture shock–not to mention my horror at the awful traffic gridlock everywhere.