Dear Mr. DeLillo (Don):

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There is much to say. I’m blogging from the Harry Ransom Center at UT Austin. Last week, I read through all their Pynchon holdings: the typescript of V., 8 Pynchon letters (typed on graph paper, of course!), and notes/scenes from an unpublished manuscript/musical/dystopia called Mistral Island Pynchon co-wrote with J. Kirkpatrick Sale. A random conversation with a UT grad student at a dinner-party thing on Saturday has put me on the trail of a large stash of letters written by David Foster Wallace to Don DeLillo between 1992 and 2002 (!), part of the huge DeLillo archive they’ve got here. It’s terrifically thrilling stuff, these letters, and, to boot, at times quite personal, sometimes excruciatingly so, which is strange and wonderful and uncomfortable, because as an ostensible scholar (“gossip” might be the better word) what exactly am I supposed to consider off-limits? I think I’ll have to listen to my other gut, the instinct- rather than hunger-having gut, and trust its judgment.