… And a Coffee Shop, Too!

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I am now officially in paradise. No, really. I’m in London. It’s damp, darkish, cold, over-crowded, great.

I’ve gotten myself a mobile phone. I’m now a card-carrying reader at the British Library. The place is massive and very very cool–and has a coffee shop built right into it. I may never leave.

My accomodations at the Metropolitan University of London are very comfy, and only two tube stops from the British Library. I just made a raid at the Border’s by Tottenham Court Road (AZ London Guide and Dan Simmons’s Olympos if you’re wondering [ the latter is, hm, seemingly unironically dedicated to Harold Bloom for resisting the onset of the Age of Resentment, or something of the sort {kind of ponderous, but Simmons has always been one of my favorite SF authors, so who knows what it means}]). I really am quite perfectly happy, and it’s only my second day here. I will be in London for eight weeks: so anyone out there in blogland with the time and the means should make an effort to come out here and visit.