Vienna: Or, Oh No, Not Another European Capital

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So yes, we went to Vienna yesterday for a day trip. I am sure there are many interesting and wonderful things to say about Vienna, and it was pretty impressive, but in some ways it seemed like just another European capital city. Certainly, it was different from any that I had visited before, but I am, in a way, beginning to get the idea. Oh, sure, great public transit, a vibrant commercial center, more great art than you can shake a stick at, cheap and delicious kebaps around every corner, and a general sense of actually being in a civilized part of the world (vs., say, Palo Alto). What else have you got for me?

One thing that stuck out was the auction that was going on when we got off the train from Brno to Vienna. Items from the lost and found were being auctioned off to the general public: calculators, phones, and any number of other item. Somehow that seemed strange to me.

Today, we go to Prague, were we’ll be staying until July 4, then off to London. Whee.