Double Decker

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Hi from London. All right over here. Ema and I decided to take the bus today from our dorm to near King’s Cross where the British Library is located. We hopped on, and climbed to the top of the double-decker–actually, my first time on the top of one of these buses. It seemed strangely magical to be on the second level, as if there were a whole world of people living on the second deck of these double-deckers. Then the bus stopped in the road–we thought it was some kind of normal accident–and we got out to walk the rest of the way to the British Library. Well, we got here, and I’m now in the Starbucks across the street–decided to sign up for a one-month T-Mobile thing for my email needs–and am now reading reports of blown-up double-decker buses flipping through the air. Don’t quite know what to say to that one. In any event, we’re both fine, which is the important thing. I’m afraid a number of other people are not.