The Sex Lives of Peafowl

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Haven’t posted much of anything here the last couple days. After leaving Iceland, we stopped over in London, then hopped over to the Czech Republic where we’ve been the last few days. You can read about my original trip to Hradec Kralove in last year’s blog entries. Not much new or different has happened since then. Generally, we’ve been meeting up with Ema’s and her brother’s friends. Yesterday, we went to a castle in a neighboring town which had a group of peacocks and -hens. We spend most of the time watching the peacocks spread their tails and the -hens strategically ignore them. Got to love such blatent sexual selection. There was one peacock with a tiny tail who always seemed to be trying to elbow in on the -hens who were hanging around the -cocks with bigger tails. I suppose he may be employing a, eh, different mate-slection strategy. Anyway, there isn’t much more to report here, but I’ll jot down some more about my trip and my plans later.