Repairs Forthcoming

I’ve managed to import my old blogger postings to WordPress, but I still can’t quite import my XML export file containing everything I’ve written since I switched to this site.  I hope to resolve this problem shortly, and restore all the shiny design elements while I’m at it. Continue reading Repairs Forthcoming

9 99 Boycott

Imagine my surprise when I visited Amazon’s page for the Kindle edition of Pop Apocalypse and saw that it had been marked with a tag called “9 99 boycott.” I initially thought that an uprising of angry readers had for reasons inscrutable to me decided to boycott my book — what a great and unexpected … Continue reading 9 99 Boycott

Palo Alto Weekly Article

My fellow Pop Apocalyptarians: Check out this article, published in the latest issue of Palo Alto Weekly, featuring yours truly. It’s quite nice, and it gives a good sense of what the book is about and what I was aiming for when I was writing it. Their photographer took a pretty cool/menacing-looking picture of me, … Continue reading Palo Alto Weekly Article

T-Minus One Week

With a little more than a week to go before POP APOCALYPSE is released into the world, I was pleased to read this thoughtful review of the novel by British science fiction writer Adam Roberts.  Adam writes:There’s a good deal of rattle and a certain amount of hum in this novel; rattle in the hailstorm … Continue reading T-Minus One Week

First Review of Pop Apocalypse

I received a note from my editor today informing me that Publishers Weekly has released its review of Pop Apocalypse.  The verdict?  Quite nice: This playful and witty novel takes our celebrity-obsessed and media-hijacked culture, mixes in geopolitics and a dash of cyberpunk dystopia to create an intelligent and blistering what-if.Intelligent and blistering were definitely … Continue reading First Review of Pop Apocalypse