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Which Counterculture?

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I’ve been wondering what exactly I meant when I wrote that the current stock of post-ironic art wants to think beyond the “negative critical methods of the counterculture.” I know what I meant to write, but after a conversation I had today with a friend of mine, I’m not quite sure anymore. Specifically, I wonder […]

What This Blog is All About

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Me, of course. But also, more specifically, the work that I’ll be doing over the next two-three years on my dissertation. I think it’ll be a productive exercise to work through my thinking-process on this blog, to put my ideas out on a provisional basis, and to build a community of readers who might even […]

Save Toby

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I implore you, all of you, to visit this site and do what you can to save this furry little guy. By God, what has this world come to?