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Life, Art, Life

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(Crossposted at Arcade.) I remember hearing once that FBI agents who had wiretaps on various mafia operations noted a change in the speaking style of the gangsters they were monitoring after Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather was released in 1972.  The real gangsters began imitating the patois of their film counterparts, thoroughly identifying with their brutal ethos.  […]

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I’m still working on trying to figure out how to restore my older blog postings. I think my XML export file might’ve been corrupted during export. In the worst case scenario, I’ll manually restore my old posts, though that’ll screw up the dates and mean all comments on these posts will be forever lost. On […]


Repairs Forthcoming

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I’ve managed to import my old blogger postings to WordPress, but I still can’t quite import my XML export file containing everything I’ve written since I switched to this site.  I hope to resolve this problem shortly, and restore all the shiny design elements while I’m at it.

Site problems

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Please excuse the blankness of this page as I fix some errors with my site.  We’ll be live again, ASAP.

9 99 Boycott

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Imagine my surprise when I visited Amazon’s page for the Kindle edition of Pop Apocalypse and saw that it had been marked with a tag called “9 99 boycott.” I initially thought that an uprising of angry readers had for reasons inscrutable to me decided to boycott my book — what a great and unexpected […]

Palo Alto Weekly Article

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My fellow Pop Apocalyptarians: Check out this article, published in the latest issue of Palo Alto Weekly, featuring yours truly. It’s quite nice, and it gives a good sense of what the book is about and what I was aiming for when I was writing it. Their photographer took a pretty cool/menacing-looking picture of me, […]

Browse Inside Pop Apocalypse

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T-Minus One Week

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With a little more than a week to go before POP APOCALYPSE is released into the world, I was pleased to read this thoughtful review of the novel by British science fiction writer Adam Roberts.  Adam writes:There’s a good deal of rattle and a certain amount of hum in this novel; rattle in the hailstorm […]

Publishers Weekly on POP APOCALYPSE

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This week’s Publishers Weekly mentions POP APOCALYPSE in an article on pending Apocalypse-theme books coming this summer.  Check it out. read more

First Review of Pop Apocalypse

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I received a note from my editor today informing me that Publishers Weekly has released its review of Pop Apocalypse.  The verdict?  Quite nice: This playful and witty novel takes our celebrity-obsessed and media-hijacked culture, mixes in geopolitics and a dash of cyberpunk dystopia to create an intelligent and blistering what-if.Intelligent and blistering were definitely […]