All Hail the Great Google

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Howdy from dissertation-land, folks. Life is going along quite merrily. I’m writing a draft of my introduction and my trendspotting chapter–both are going well, I think–and I’m doing a bunch of other non-academic things: watching TV (since you’re curious: Battlestar Galactica, 24, Heroes, I Love New York); revising the draft of my novel and trying to find a publisher/agent/whatever for it; and streamlining the topography of my electronic-life.

Toward the last two of these three projects, I’ve created a new homepage for myself (you’ll notice the link on the right-hand column) using Google’s new homepage-creation system. You can find my page here: This system is pretty cool. I just wish blogger could integrate seamlessly into my Google web site and that I could absorb my older blog postings (on kitteneater) into this one for retagging.

This site, of course, is a work in progress, but I’m trying to use it to consolidate all my writing activities–both academic and personal–and to try to present something like a semi-professional face to the world. You can find a sample of my novel-in-progress on this site, if you’re inclined to read it. If you know any publishers/agents, let me know. I’m looking.

Here’s another change coming to this blog. I may begin posting on a more general array of topics and using tags to differentiate between them. Will I actually do this? Will I post any more than I have? Will I be able to decide what tag most properly maps onto a particular posting? Only time will tell.