Back in the U.S.

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I have been a terrible and negligent blogger this summer. I am back in the United States and I have hardly written about my stay in Europe. Mostly, this is because I didn’t do very much this summer. Highlights include a trip to Berlin (first time, awesome city) and Denmark. I visited Denmark to get together with a guy who is writing the same on the same topic as I am for his dissertation–post-ironic fiction. There are many details and little narratives I could have blogged about, but I am beginning to question the wisdom of spending time writing on blogs. In fact, after spending a lot of the summer gorging myself on webbrowsing, I’m questioning whether the full but still hungry feeling that comes with absorbing lots of information on the web isn’t a not-perfect way to consumer information, especially for someone who should be spending his time reading books for his dissertation. I have been productive on my novel, “Apocalypse Live”–a semi-satirical look at the end of the world. MS Word reports that I’ve written 64,000 words towards what I hope to make an appoximately 70,000 word novel. I could write more on the contents of this novel, but I’ll hold my hand for now. I feel comfortable reporting the title of the novel, since I’ve registered the domain name.