Going to Germany–Not

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So my plan today was to get on an EasyJet flight at Gatwick and visit my friend Sarah in Berlin for 6 days or so. That’s not going to happen now. After I learned of the plot to blow up British planes going to NY, I went to the easyjet web site and found that my flight had been disrupted. Funny, I’m more annoyed at not flying tonight than at the prospect of potential terrorism. My sense at this point is that getting killed in a terrorist attack is less probable than getting killed by a car on my way to the airport (and London’s drivers give one good reason to be afraid). There was a recent CATO-institute study that spelled this all out in detail; libertarians are occassionally good for something, it seems. Thus, I’ll strike a blow against terror by being pretty pissed off that I’m going to have to miss seeing my friend until tomorrow night. Over and out here.