Mrs. Watson in Prague

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I offer a dialogue from the book angličtina, a book that Ema’s mother used to learn English when she was in high school during the communist era of Czechoslovakia:

Mrs. Černá: I hear you are leaving Czechoslovakia, Mrs. Watson.

Mrs. Watson: Yes, I am leaving tomorrow.

Mrs. Černá: And how did you like life in socialist Czechoslovakia?

Mrs. Watson: I think the people here live very well.

Mrs. Černá: Some people say that people in your country live better.

Mrs. Watson: Well, life in our country is different in many ways. Rich people can buy what they like. In your country the shops are always full of people. Some people say it’s a bad thing. But I don’t think it’s bad at all.

Mrs. Černá: I am glad to hear you like our way of life. Will you come to Czechoslovakia again next year?

Mrs. Watson: I don’t know. I ‘m not one of the rich, you know. But I shall certainly try to come. I have some very good friends here now and I shall be very happy to see them again.

Mrs. Černá: Good-bye, Mrs. Watson. I really hope to see you again next year.

Mrs. Watson: Good-bye.