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Was watching VH1 today, and they had a program in which the New Wave band Berlin was reunited for a one-night-only concert. Very amusing, esp. tsince he band had mostly morphed into middle aged, middle class, and kind of overweight folk–nothing edgy or hip about them anymore. They’re the group, if you recall, that brought the world that famous version of “Take My Breath Away” which adorns the Top Gun soundtrack, the pop success of which apparently broke the group up. Very ’80s.

Nothing else here in the Czech republic. Hot, rainy. Looking forward to getting back to New York on the 20th. I have been working on my novel, though, which is nice. Maybe I’ll even finish it someday. Imagine that.

Press has calmed down on Katrina. 9/11 celebrations have come and gone, quietly. No one inside the US seems to be reporting the leaked contigency plan to use nukes against “credible threats” of a WMD terrorist attack. The foreign press is taking note, though. We’ve demonstrated to them an uncanny ability to accurately predict WMD threats, as demonstrated in Iraq. When the world’s superstate says it reserves the right to set off nukes when and where it likes, the world takes notice, though the superstate’s media seems not to notice.