My New Year’s Paradox

in 2010

My 2010 resolutions: (i) to separate myself from this diabolical device known as the Internet, which sucks up my time, distracts me from what I would at some second-order level of intelligence prefer to be doing, and doesn’t really lead to lasting learning and/or self-improvement; (ii) to turn this Web site into a real blog, to actually, like, post semi-regularly about my life, books, ideas, and other stuff. Is this a paradoxical resolution or merely a hypocritical one? I.e., am I not going to be able to keep this promise to myself in full, because to do so is impossible, or am I going to be able to do what I want only by posting things to an Internet that I want to have nothing to do with (but that I demand that you want to have something to do with)? I suspect the latter.