Return to Life

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I’ve been woefully negligent as a blogger (and, I should say, as a fiction writer), too busy putting the finishing touches on my dissertation to do much else. My primary chapters are all done, and my introduction and conclusion are mostly written. Two-three more days — finishing the intro and conclusion and doing a global revision of the whole diss. — and it’ll be complete.

After three years of (more or less) continuous work, I am going to print the sucker off next week and give it to my committee for review, and then gleefully commit myself to the tedious but intellectually relaxing work of checking all my citations and the formatting of my Works Cited page. It’s a little bit hard for me to believe that I’m so close to the end, and in a sense I’ve only just begun the process of turning the dissertation into a book, but it’s finally happening.

But between frantic bouts of chapter writing and revision in the coming days, I will also be doing a reading from Pop Apocalypse at a fantastic science fiction/fantasy/horror speciality store on Valencia Street in San Francisco called Borderlands Books.

If you can, stop by tomorrow (Saturday, July 25, at 2 p.m.). It’ll be fun, though you may notice dark circles under my eyes.