Book Club Offer (10×10)

in Pop Apocalypse

In the interest of getting word about Pop Apocalypse out to the general public, and of meeting people with excellent taste in literature, I’ve decided to make a special offer to my readers.

Here’s the deal. If you are part of a book club and are interested in reading Pop Apocalypse, I would love to do a video conference with your group via Skype or iChat. I’m willing to do whatever your group wants (within reasonable limits): answer questions, give a talk of some sort, do a reading, dance like a chicken, whatever.

I would love to talk to every group that asks, but unfortunately my time is fairly limited this summer — I have a dissertation to finish, another novel to write, and a Stanford Continuing Studies novel-writing course to teach — so what I would propose is that the first ten book groups that can organize ten readers each to buy and read Pop Apocalypse will definitely get (at least) two hours of my time via Skype or iChat. Beyond that, I can’t make any commitments.

If you’re part of a Bay Area-based reading group, I would even forgo Internet-mediated communication and show up to your group meeting in person, as long as you live within a reasonable driving distance from San Francisco.

There are a limited number of weekends available this summer, and I’ll fill them up on a first come first serve basis, so let me know if you and your group are interested, ASAP.