You’re not really suffering from OCD if…

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Well, for instance:  …if you really do have a chronic problem with typos and off-seeming sentences in early drafts of your writing.

Since I turned in my hipster chapter, I’ve been going over it again and again, finding (what seem to me) terrible typos and clunker phrases. At one point, I accidentally used of the term "Black Power" when I meant "Black Arts."  Ak!

All of this has led to my doing a quick chapter-revision and sending out Version 2.0 to everyone I had previously contacted, with apologies and an explanation about how this version is So Much Better than what I had previously sent.

This can, of course, get to be too much, and annoying if overdone.  I hereby officially declare to myself that all work on Hipsters must end until I get feedback.

I’ve been reading David Foster Wallace’s Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, which has rekindled my enthusiasm for believers.  Writing about them, anyway, and only about the postironic variety, though I do hope to lead off my chapter with a very brief close reading of Left Behind.