Against the Day…

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… is out today.  My copy, which I ordered from Amazon back in November, is somewhere in Richmond, CA, at the moment.  Initial reviews are not so good.  Reviewers are calling the book too long, rambling, aimless, incoherent, Pynchon imitating his own, better novels, and sophomoric in its humor.  Well, even if it’s all those things, I’ll probably enjoy Against the Day quite a bit, even if only for the names he gives his characters–in this novel, characters have names such as Alonzo Meatman, Ruperta Chirpingdon-Groin, Professor Heino Vanderjuice, the Reverend Lube Carnal, and Wolfe Tone O’Rooney.  When I get around to reading the book–probably over the winter break–I’ll post my review here.

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