/patternHunter [/ph]

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I was reading the Wiki entry for William Gibson, and I discovered at the end of the entry a link to the website /patternHunter [/ph]. If, like me, you have an obsession with really sophisticated science fiction and emerging techno-cultural patterns of change, this site is something like an endless feast of fun.

I have been, while home for the Thanksgiving break, frantically writing my novel. I’m working on the dissertation colloquium too, but it’s mostly done–and my meeting with my advisors is on Dec. 13, so I have some time to write for pleasure. I’ve written 3000 new and pretty good words for my new novel. I’ve also had a revelation about the novel I began writing before I went to grad school; that previous novel I’d written 120,000 words of (out of a projected 160,000). I’ve decided to break it up into two 80,000 word novels, which means, essentially, that the first draft of the first novel is done. A little bit of editing, and I’ll start submitting it. I’m in a good mood about my writing.