And Now I’m Really Pissed!

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I was checking my credit card bills online today and I noticed that my MasterCard, which I haven’t been using all summer, has accrued a mysterious charge of $6.83 (for the second month in a row, perhaps for more months even) from Pollo Rey, Stanford, CA. A quick Google search revealed that this is nothing other than The Treehouse, everyone’s favorite campus burrito joint. I have obviously been nowhere near The Treehouse in the last three months.

Three possible explanations occur to me right off the bat: (1) Someone has stolen my credit card information and is using it to purchase one burrito+coke every month from The Treehouse; (2) An employee of The Treehouse has acquired my credit card number (and probably many others) and is charging about $7 a month on it (I have to look over previous statements to confirm this); or (3) The Treehouse is doing this on an official basis with my card and other Stanford students’ cards.

(1) Seems highly implausible to me; (2) seems the most plausible; (3) is also possible, but less plausible than (2). I am very pissed off about this. If either (2) or (3) are true, I am launching a campaign against The Treehouse. I will do everything I can to make sure they are punished. GRRR.