Long Time No Blog

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I am quite surpised at my own lack of blogging during this trip, but I suppose it is a testiment to my limited internet access, although it hasn’t quite been that limited. Mostly, I think, my summer has turned out to be less exciting and exotic than one might expect. My dorm at the Metropolitan University of London is quite nice (and, actually, quite close to the corner of Hollaway Road and Seven Sisters, the putative location of Rob’s record shop in High Fidelity, which I’m reading and loving now), and close to the British Library, the British Library is excellent, and I’ve been reading at a pretty steady pace through a lot of philosophy and literature that might get into my colloquium paper. I am still pretty much on track to write about post-ironic fiction, and I’ve discovered a lot of debates in philosophy that will be relevant to my interests, which as exciting as it is isn’t exactly super-cool blogging material, especially for what promised to be a travel blog. I’ll see what I can do to spice up my life. No, really.