Still OK

Hope this doesn't become a pattern, my feeling compelled to blog only when bombs go off here, but I'm still A-OK. Heard about the incident while reading Alex Shakar's cool novel, The Savage Girl, here at the British Library. I will post more, and more general ruminations on these bombings, as time allows.

Double Decker

Hi from London. All right over here. Ema and I decided to take the bus today from our dorm to near King's Cross where the British Library is located. We hopped on, and climbed to the top of the double-decker--actually, my first time on the top of one of these buses. It seemed strangely magical [...]

… And a Coffee Shop, Too!

I am now officially in paradise. No, really. I'm in London. It's damp, darkish, cold, over-crowded, great.I've gotten myself a mobile phone. I'm now a card-carrying reader at the British Library. The place is massive and very very cool--and has a coffee shop built right into it. I may never leave.My accomodations at the Metropolitan [...]

Vienna: Or, Oh No, Not Another European Capital

So yes, we went to Vienna yesterday for a day trip. I am sure there are many interesting and wonderful things to say about Vienna, and it was pretty impressive, but in some ways it seemed like just another European capital city. Certainly, it was different from any that I had visited before, but I [...]

The Sex Lives of Peafowl

Haven't posted much of anything here the last couple days. After leaving Iceland, we stopped over in London, then hopped over to the Czech Republic where we've been the last few days. You can read about my original trip to Hradec Kralove in last year's blog entries. Not much new or different has happened since [...]

Something’s Missing in Reykjavik

We’re leaving Iceland in a few hours, and my only regret is that we didn’t get a chance to see the Icelandic Phallological Museum (not to be confused with the philological museum). At this fabled site the proprietor has gathered together samples of you-know-what from every phallus-bearing species that has walked Iceland’s shores, with the [...]

Travel Blogging

A note to my loyal readers--all two of you--I am not going to be posting much in this space this summer because I'll be doing all my blogging on kitteneater. I'm saving this space for deep and heavy ruminations on the nature of post-irony and for more academic matters. And have no doubt, I've had [...]

After Orals

Now that my orals are successfully over, and summer shenanigans are on my local horizon, I can begin properly to post stuff on this site.So first a word on my orals. They went, somehow, far better than I had anticipated they would go. This wasn't because I thought I would screw up or anything, but [...]


My orals are tomorrow, Wednesday, at 3:30 pacific time. Oboy, oboy. I haven't been able to bring myself to feel nervous about it yet, but I feel the change coming on. Ugh.

Which Counterculture?

I've been wondering what exactly I meant when I wrote that the current stock of post-ironic art wants to think beyond the "negative critical methods of the counterculture." I know what I meant to write, but after a conversation I had today with a friend of mine, I'm not quite sure anymore. Specifically, I wonder [...]