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Zadie Smith, Facebook, and the Game Layer

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(Crossposted at Arcade.) In the New York Review of Books, Zadie Smith has written an interesting review of Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network that doubles as a critique of Facebook.  Smith rhetorically positions herself as a sort of luddite or dinosaur, a defender of what she calls "Person 1.0" against the debasements wrought upon — […]

Zadie Smith on Joseph O’Neill

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(Cross-posted at Plasma Pool.) After reading Joseph O’Neill’s novel Netherland, I took a look at Zadie Smith’s fascinating take-down — “Two Paths for the Novel” in the NYRB — of O’Neill as a representative of what she calls “lyrical Realism,” a review which might be characterized as an indirect attack on the brand of Realism […]

On Zadie Smith’s "On Beauty"

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I finished reading Zadie Smith’s On Beauty this morning for a reading group that I’m helping to run. I have a sort of mixed reaction to the book. On the one hand, it’s perfect for the argument that I am making in the introduction to my dissertation, which begins with a careful reading of a […]