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Reading under Neoliberalism

in Andrew Goldstone, Joshua Landy, neoliberalism, The Millions, The Program Era

(Crossposted at Arcade.) This post is a response to a comment made by Andrew Goldstone in a comments thread on Joshua Landy’s fascinating Arcade blog post, "Human Minds, Literary Texts, and CD Players."  I was originally going to post this as a comment, but the response grew too long and unwieldy, so here it is […]

Listmania vs. Lake Woebegone

in Andrew Seal, Edmond Caldwell, Helen DeWitt, John Guillory, The Millions

X-posted at Plasma Pool. There is an interesting emerging conversation about The Millions‘ recently published “Best [Books] of the Millennium” list on a number of blogs I follow. First, Edmond Caldwell over at Contra James Wood questions the whole premise of list-making, associating such lists with the predominantly corporate character of the imprints represented on […]